Associate of Science in Allied Health - Min. 62 Hours

Common Core (28.5-29 Hours): See common core requirements


11.5-12 hours


1.5-2 hours


1 hour

Freshman Writing

3 hours (6 hours if taking EN110 & EN111)

Oral Communications

3 hours

Math/Algebra/Statistics: Must take MA105 Elementary Statistics.

3 hours (9 hours if taking MA101 & MA102)

Understanding Human Nature

13 hours


3 hours

Social Science with Constitution

3 hours


1 hour


3 hours

Valuing or Social Science (CJ, CT, EC, Ethics, HI, PY, PS, Philosophy,   or SO)

3 hours

Exploring the Nature of the Universe

4 hours

Science with Lab: BI101 General Biology

3 hours

 BI101L General Biology Lab

 1 hour

Tier Two: Additional General Education Requirements (6 Hours)

Humanities or Fine Arts:

3 hours

Psychology or Sociology: Must be 200-level or higher.

3 hours

ŽConcentration in Allied Health (18 Hours): Electives selected from the following areas. Courses marked with an asterisk can be taken only when the student is actively enrolled in the particular degree program. While these courses may count toward the elective credit hour total for the BGS or IDS, the student may not enroll in these courses if s/he has not been accepted into or has been dismissed from the degree program. Additional courses from the Athletic Training and Nursing educational programs may be applied toward the Allied Health concentration for the IDS or BGS with permission of the appropriate Program Director.

Allied Health

AH200   Intro to Adaptation Nursing (3)

AH212   Medical Terminology (3)

AH314   Pathophysiology (3)

AH316   Data Analysis for Nursing Practice (3)

Athletic Training

AT309   Rehab Techniques I Lab (3) *

AT101   Clinical Exp. In AT (3)

AT103   Intro to AT (3)

AT123   Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries (3)

AT213   First Aid and CPR Lab (1)

AT306   Therapeutic Modalities (3)

AT307   Therapeutic Modalities Lab (3) *

AT308     Rehab Techniques I (2) *


BI102   General Biology (3) and BI102L (1)

BI106   Human Biology (3) and BI106L (1)

BI107   Human Anatomy (4) and BI07L (1)

BI205   Physiology (4) and BI205L (1)

BI305   Microbiology (3) and BI305L (1)


CH107     Chemistry for Allied Health (3)

CH111     General Chemistry (3) and CH111L (1)


ED264      Child Health (2)


NU307     Adaptation Nursing Applications (5) *

NU308     Health Assessment (4) *

NU309     Psychosocial Integrity (3) *

NU312     Pharmacology I (2) *

NU313     Pharmacology II (2) *

NU321     Public Health & Community Nursing
               Concepts (3)*

NU343     Evidence-Based Adaptation Nursing I (8) *

Physical Education

PE212     First Aid and Community CPR (2)

PE324     Anatomy and Kinesiology (4)

Electives (To Complete Min. 62 Hours)