Biology Minors

Biology Minor - 18 Hours

Introductory biology course, with lab (3-5)

Additional Courses in Biology (13-15)


Marine Biology Minor - 18 Hours

BI101 General Biology (3) and BI101L (1)

Marine Biology Electives (10): (These courses are offered only during the summer sessions at Gulf Coast Research Laboratory in Ocean Springs, MS. Courses from a similar marine facility will be accepted.) These courses are in addition to any Biology courses taken as a part of a Biology Major or a Biology Minor.


Engineering Technology Minor - Partnership with Crowder College

CMU and Crowder College also offer a certificate program/minor for CMU students in Engineering Technology. This curriculum will provide training for students to work as process operators in chemical, bio refineries, oil and gas industry, power generation, food and beverage, mining, pharmaceuticals, and pulp and paper industries. This curriculum prepares students to demonstrate technical knowledge, skills and abilities in instrument systems, process systems, process troubleshooting, quality, safety, and process industry equipment, giving them many more employment opportunities. Courses from Crowder College are available online for CMU students. In addition to taking BI101 General Biology (3) and BI101L (1), and CH111 General Chemistry (3) and CH111L (1) from CMU, students need to complete 18 hours from the following courses from Crowder:

PTEC130        Process Safety, Health and Environment (3)

PTEC140        Introduction to Process Technology (3)

PTEC150        Process Quality (3)

PTEC210        Process Technology Instrumentation I (3)

PTEC220        Process Technology Instrumentation II (3)

PTEC230        Process Technology Equipment (3)

PTEC240        Process Technology Systems (3)

PTEC250        Process Technology Operations (3)

PTEC260        Process Technology Troubleshooting (3)

AMT102          Introduction to Industrial Electricity (3)

AMT162          Industrial Process Control I (5)