Mathematics Classes

MA101 Algebra for College Students I. 3 hours. A university common core Math course in the study of operations on real numbers and algebraic expressions, polynomials, factoring, radicals and rational exponents and graphs functions and models from a problem-solving perspective. All students having an ACT Math subscore 19 or below are required to take this course. This course does not count toward the analytical skills general education requirement. Successfully completing this course with a grade of C or better and then passing MA102 Algebra for College Students II satisfies the Math literacy common core competency requirements and is equivalent to passing MA103 College Algebra.

MA102 Algebra for College Students II. 3 hours. A university common core Math course which is a continuation of MA101 Algebra for College Students I with emphasis on graphs and functions, matrices, and analytical geometry from a problem-solving perspective. Successfully completing this course with a grade of C or better satisfies the Math literacy common core competency requirements and is equivalent to passing MA103 College Algebra. Prerequisite: A grade of C or better in MA101.

MA103 College Algebra. 3 hours. A study of equations and inequalities, functions and graphs, and systems of equations and inequalities. Prerequisite: ACT Math subscore ≥ 20.

MA104 Analytic Geometry and Trigonometry. 3 hours. Theory and application of the trigonometric functions. Prerequisite: MA103 (or MA101/102) or equivalent. Primarily for students preparing for calculus or physics. Spring.

MA105 Elementary Statistics. 3 hours. An introduction to basic statistical procedures with application to all areas. Prerequisite: ACT Math subscore ≥ 20 (or MA101/MA102).

MA107 Discrete Mathematics. 3 hours. Introduction to discrete mathematics topics including counting methods, graph theory, recursion, number theory, and writing proofs using direct and indirect reasoning and induction. Prerequisite: ACT Math subscore ≥ 20, or MA101/102, or MA103. Odd-numbered Falls.

MA112 Selected Topics in Calculus. 3 hours. An introduction to the basic concepts of calculus with business and social science applications. Prerequisite: One and one-half years of high school algebra or MA103 (or MA101/102). Not open to students having credit in MA118 or its equivalent. Even-numbered Springs.

MA118 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I. 5 hours. The differentiation and integration of algebraic functions and transcendental functions of a single variable, and an introduction to analytic geometry. Prerequisites: ACT math subscore ≥ 20 or having passed MA103 (or MA101/102). Students having MA112 credit receive 3 hours for this course. Fall.

MA209 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II. 5 hours. Applications of integration; the differentiation and integration of transcendental functions, and topics in analytic geometry. Prerequisite: MA118. Spring.

MA224 Mathematics for Elementary and Middle Grade Teachers. 4 hours. Mathematics central to a comprehensive elementary and middle school mathematics curriculum in a problem solving context. Includes the development of the real numbers as a mathematical system and an informal introduction to geometric concepts. Only Early Childhood majors may count this course for the General Education Common Core. Fall and Spring.

MA303 History of Mathematics. 3 hours. A study of the history of mathematics. Prerequisite: MA112 or MA118 or instructor's permission. Even-numbered Falls.

MA305 Statistics II. 3 hours. This is a continuation of the study of statistics that began in MA105. Topics include but are not limited to experimental design, non-parametric techniques, regression analysis, and ANOVA. Prerequisite: A grade of "C" or better in MA105. Spring.

MA308 Calculus and Analytic Geometry III. 5 hours. The calculus of several variables, solid analytic geometry, and series. Prerequisite: MA209. Fall.

MA315 Differential Equations. 3 hours. The study of ordinary differential equations using operational, transform and/or series methods, with selected applications. Prerequisite: MA308. Spring (subject to enrollment).

MA317 Modern Algebra. 4 hours. Topics from number theory, groups, rings, integral domains and fields. Prerequisite: MA209. Even-numbered Falls.

MA318 Matrices and Linear Algebra. 3 hours. Introduction to matrix algebra and vector fields, with applications. Prerequisite: MA118 or MA112. Even-numbered Springs.

MA319 College Geometry. 4 hours. The rigorous development of geometry from foundational axioms, with consideration of absolute, Euclidean, and some non-Euclidean geometry. Prerequisite: MA118 or MA112 or permission of instructor and division chair. Spring.

MA320 Writing Mathematical Documents. 2 hours. This course concerns creating mathematical documents. Students will learn to read and write in the language of mathematics, including all the symbols and notations commonly found in the field of mathematics, by creating original documents and interpreting replicating existing documents. Prerequisites: MA118 and MA209 or equivalent, or by instructor's permission.

MA321 Introduction to Real Analysis. 3 hours. Students will study the real number system, limits, sequences, series, and convergence; completeness; limits and continuity; and selected topics from differentiation and integration theory. Prerequisites: MA118, MA209, MA308 or equivalents.

MA480 Senior Projects (Capstone). 3 hours. A course tailored to the individual student's needs. Special projects will be designed to extend each student's area of interest. Prerequisite: Math major with Junior or Senior standing or with permission of the instructor.