The study of Religion is open to everyone regardless of background or beliefs. The program is designed to familiarize students with the history, texts, and traditions that form the basis of religious expression in Western and other cultures. Through their studies, students will learn to appreciate the diversity found among religious traditions, to recognize the complexity of religious thought, and to respect the freedom of religious expression. This training will help prepare students to make responsible decisions in their communities, society, and beyond. Students will be encouraged to examine actively their own moral, spiritual, and ethical foundations and to clarify for themselves what role religious values will take in their personal development.

The study of Religion is valued in a number of occupational fields including banking, business law, and social and governmental services. A major in Religion will give students the necessary background for entrance into seminary or other graduate study in the field of Religion. A Religion major is particularly useful for those planning to enter the Christian ministry, Christian Education, or other church-related vocations. Interested students may wish to participate in the Pre-Ministry Program.


Religion and Church Leadership

The Religion and Church Leadership major is an interdisciplinary degree designed to help students develop the skills and knowledge necessary for successful ministry, lay or professional, in the Christian church. Students will take a core set of classes helping them establish a solid foundation in biblical studies. They will also choose from a variety of electives in religion, providing further background in Bible and Christian history and thought. Along with the Religion classes, students will take courses from other disciplines selected to round out their knowledge of cultural and social dynamics as and of ethics. Finally, students will learn the fundamental skills in communication and management in order to help them develop skills necessary to succeed in leading ministry programs.

CMU has a chapter of Theta Alpha Kappa, a national honor society for Religious Studies and Theology (advisor: Dr. Daryl Jefferies).