Sports Management Classes

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RM214 Sport in Society (Issues and Controversies). 2 hours. Taking a look into the sociological perspective of sports in today's society. Emphasis is clearly on sports and sport-related behaviors as they occur in social and cultural contexts.

RM321 Organization and Administration of Physical Education and Athletic Programs K-12. 2 hours. Examines recognized and successful ways of setting up physical education and athletic programs and carrying them out to meet stated aims and objectives. Specific attention is given to dealing with curriculum development, program creation, finance, physical layout, school policies, safety policies/practices, record keeping and purchasing and caring for equipment. Cross-listed with PE321. Prerequisite: PE217.

RM343 Management of Sports Facilities. 3 hours. This course is designed to develop the competencies necessary to manage and operate sport, recreation, convocation, convention, and other public/private assembly facilities. In addition, the conceptual and technical aspects related to the planning and design of recreation and athletic facilities (in educational, municipal, and commercial settings) will be addressed. Prerequisite: Junior standing.

RM345 Law for Recreation and Sports Managers. 3 hours. This course is designed to develop student understanding of legal issues in the recreation and sports industry. Topics covered in this course will include tort law, contracts, personal liability, risk management, gender discrimination (Title IX), human resources, and drug testing. Fall.

RM360 Special Problems. 1-5 hours. Independent study or research on a subject of interest to an individual student.  Prerequisite:  Instructor's permission.

RM368 Internship and Field Experience. 2-5 hours.