Bachelor of Science in Sports Management - Min. 124 Hours

Common Core: See Common Core requirements

Tier Two: Additional General Education Requirements (21-22 Hours)

Humanities or Fine Arts:

6 hours

Social Sciences (CJ, CT, EC, HI, PS, PY, or SO): See guidelines.  EC201 Macroeconomics (3), EC202 Microeconomics (3) OR EC122 Economics for Educators

6 hours

Science: See guidelines.

3-4 hours

Analytical Skills: See guidelines. Must include BU225 Computer Applications in Business (3) [students may need CS121 (1)].

6 hours

Sports Management Major (47-50 Hours)

NOTE: This major has a "forced" minor built into the following coursework for the major.

AC201   Accounting Principles I (3)

BU110   Introduction to Business (3)

BU341   Business Law Contracts (3)

MG356  Human Resource Management (3)

ET375   Small Business Management (3)

MK330   Marketing (3)

PE101   Swimming (1)

PE120   Teaching Individual Sports Activities (3)

PE212   First Aid/Community CPR (2)

PE203   Introduction to Strength & Conditioning (2)

PE215   Psychology of Sport (2)

PE315   Teaching Team Sports (2)

PE323   First Aid, Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries (3)

PE339   Tests and Measurements (3)

RM214   Sport in Society (2)

RM321   Organization and Administration of Physical Education K-12 (2)

RM343   Management of Sports Facilities (3)

RM345   Law for Recreation and Sports Managers (3)

RM368   Sports Management Internship (1-4)

Electives (To Complete Min. 124 Hours)