Bachelor of Science in Sports Management - Min. 124 Hours

Common Core: See Common Core requirements

Required Course from General Education: EC 201 Macroeconomics (3) OR EC202 Microeconomics (3)

Tier Two: Additional General Education Requirements (21-22 Hours)

Humanities or Fine Arts:

6 hours

Social Sciences (CJ, CT, EC, HI, PS, PY, or SO): See guidelines.

6 hours

Science: See guidelines.

3-4 hours

Analytical Skills: See page 57 for guidelines. Must include BU225 Computer Applications in Business (3) [students may need CS121 (1)].

6 hours

Sports Management Major (52-53 Hours)

NOTE: This major has a "forced" minor built into the following coursework for the major.

AC201   Accounting Principles I (3)

BU110   Introduction to Business (3)

BU225   Computer Applications in Business (3)
if not taken above—[students may need CS121 (1)]

BU341   Business Law Contracts (3)

MG356  Human Resource Management (3)

ET375   Small Business Management (3)

MK330   Marketing (3)

PE101   Swimming (1)

PE120   Teaching Individual Sports Activities (3)

PE212   First Aid/Community CPR (2)

PE215   Psychology of Sport (2)

PE315   Teaching Team Sports (3)

PE323   First Aid, Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries (3)

PE331   Strength and Conditioning (3)

PE339   Tests and Measurements (3)

RM214   Sport in Society (2)

RM321   Organization and Administration of Physical Education K-12 (2)

RM343   Management of Sports Facilities (3)

RM345   Law for Recreation and Sports Managers (3)

RM368   Sports Management Internship (2)

Electives (To Complete Min. 124 Hours)