Graduation - Statewide Locations (CGES)

The crowning achievement to an academic career is, for most students, Commencement. CMU encourages all students eligible to graduate to take part in a Commencement ceremony.  

Students wishing to graduate must complete the CGES Graduation Application. The application must be submitted by November 1 for December 2015 or March 1 for Spring/Summer 2016.

Students may complete degree programs from CMU in May, August and December. However, Commencement ceremonies for graduates are held only once per year at each of five sites.

Generally, students need to earn at least 124 credit hours with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 to graduate. Some programs have additional requirements, so students should check with their advisors and with division chairs.


Academic Regalia and Commencement

Students should order their cap and gown for participation in CMU commencement and should attend graduation on the campus at which they are enrolled, if possible.


Fayette students see the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences graduation information page.