An integrated approach to accounting is used at CMU to emphasize the way businesses operate. Students are better prepared to enter accounting and related fields after graduation. Accounting information is useful in such diverse areas as financial planning, health care, communications, law, engineering, forensics, actuarial science, and the fine arts. A degree in accounting will prepare the student for graduate school in a number of disciplines.

Certifications which students may be able to pursue after an approved course of study would include Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Managerial Accountant (CMA), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Actuary. Requirements for these certifications will vary.

Degrees Available: Bachelor of Accountancy

Please see the specific location page for degree offerings at that location.


What skills and abilities do I need to excel in this degree?

There is agreement that an accounting student needs good grades; good communication and interpersonal skills; the ability to accept change; and participation, when possible, in school and community activities, internships, and business related jobs.

The level in which certain skills are needed depends on the area in which the accountant is employed. The following skills and abilities are required at some level:

  • Initiative, Interpersonal, Analytical/Critical Thinking
  • Sales/marketing, Computer, Communication
  • Tolerance of Differences, Creative Problem Solving

What I will learn?

Majors in Accounting will:

  • understand key business and accounting terms, facts, and processes and will understand preparation and the use of financial information
  • analyze, interpret, and communicate business and accounting information and will render judgment based on such information
  • research relevant financial accounting, tax, and auditing literature
  • understand relevant legal issues, marketing perspectives, and management processes
  • commit to the values that serve the profession and the community
  • work individually, as leaders, and as team members and will be sensitive to the diversity of people.

What are some CMU graduates with this degree doing?

Some students continue their education so that they can sit for the CPA examination with requires 150 hours. Others have gotten, or are getting, advanced degrees in fields such as law, actuarial science, and health care or hospital administration. Some have completed MBA degrees.

Graduates are employed by local, regional, and national/international public accounting firms. Others are employed by the Missouri State Auditors office, as controllers for governmental units, as accountants for hospitals and other NFP groups, and as managerial accountants for businesses.