CMU offers a progressive business program, which combines professional preparation with a liberal arts education. The purpose of this program is to develop the important personal characteristics of confidence in oneself, ability to work with others, written and oral communication skills, technical competence, mathematical skills, moral awareness, and ethical values. The major in business will prepare the student for graduate school (M.B.A. or Law) or for a career in industry, entrepreneurship or public service.

Degrees Available:
Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Arts or Science, Secondary Certification

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What skills and abilities do I need to excel in this degree?

Students majoring in business need to demonstrate both verbal and written communication skills, computer aptitude, and the ability to solve problems. Depending on the specific area of business studied or the particular job opportunities pursued, business students also need analytical skills, interpersonal skills, initiative, an appreciation of diversity, leadership, and effective team-working skills.

What I will learn?

Majors in Business will:

  • apply theory and critical-thinking skills to practical issues and problems that decision-makers in their chosen field of business are likely to face
  • demonstrate proficiency in both written and oral communication and will understand key business terminology
  • identify ethical issues in various business situations and will articulate a thoughtful position in response to those issues while understanding social responsibility
  • reflect appropriate leadership traits and teamwork skills
  • understand legal issues that affect the business world and will understand global, national, and regional business systems and environments
  • understand diversity issues in the workplace and society
  • show proficiency in the business application software and competency with respect to information literacy
  • have a working knowledge in the use of analytical business tools related to math, statistics, accounting, and economics

What are some CMU graduates with this degree doing?

Some business students continue their education and earn advanced degrees in business administration, marketing, management, economics, hospital administration, and law.

Other graduates are business managers, loan officers, marketing specialists, underwriters, business teachers, city administrators, and hotel/restaurant managers. Some specific employers include Anheuser-Busch, Principal Financial Group, Boone Hospital, University Hospital, The City of Riverside, CA, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and State Farm Insurance.