Criminal Justice

The Bachelor's degree program in Criminal Justice is designed to prepare students for careers in law enforcement, criminal justice administration, and corrections management. In addition to these professional objectives, the program is also intended to prepare the student for graduate school or law school. Criminal Justice majors may earn either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degree. As a requirement for graduation, all criminal justice majors must sit for a nationally normed exit` examination in the final semester of their course work.

Degrees Available:
Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Please see the specific campus page for degree offerings at that location.

What I will learn?

Criminal Justice majors will:

  • learn the goals and organization of the criminal justice system and will gain knowledge of the substantive criminal law and procedural/constitutional law as related to the United States Constitution
  • understand the biological, psychological, and social explanations of crime and will determine appropriate response and treatment options
  • learn general ethical principles and apply those principles to current issues in the criminal justice profession
  • develop their communication skills by learning interview and will gain technical writing experience in various criminal justice fields and specialized documents
  • learn systematic methods of inquiry to resolve legal issues and investigative problems
  • learn the ethical and legal requirements of providing criminal justice services in a multicultural society

What are some possible entry-level careers with a degree in this field?

There are many careers available to those with a Criminal Justice major. Some options include; Criminalist, Lab Technician, Highway Patrol, FBI, Water Patrol, Social Worker, plus many more. This program also lays a good foundation for Graduate School or Law School.