Central Methodist University education programs of study have been approved by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Students who satisfactorily complete the programs of study and other degree requirements may be recommended to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for educator certification. Education degrees are only available for Missouri residents.

Degrees Available:
Bachelor of Science in Education - Early Childhood
Bachelor of Science in Education - Elementary
Bachelor of Science in Education - Middle School
   Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Science
Bachelor of Arts or Science - Secondary Education Certification
   Business, Math

Bachelor of Science - Education Studies

Music Education

Special Education Mild-Moderate Disabilities K-12 (EDU)


Student Teaching Handbook


Please see the specific location page for degree offerings at that location.


What will I learn?

Students majoring in education will:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of developmental and learning theories.
  2. Foster positive, educational interactions with and between colleagues, administrators, students and parents in educational settings.
  3. Use assessment as a learning tool.
  4. Communicate effectively within and beyond the classroom.
  5. Demonstrate the central concepts, tools of inquiry and structures of the discipline(s) within the context of a global society.
  6. Demonstrate a commitment to professional ethics and behavior.
  7. Demonstrate ability and willingness to assume leadership roles within a community of practice.
  8. Integrate appropriate technology to enhance instruction.
  9. Utilize multiple technology applications to differentiate instruction.
  10. Utilize technology to promote higher level thinking skills needed for the twenty-first century.
  11. Promote ethical and legal use of technology.

What are the MoGEA Pass Rates?

   Fall 2015
Reading  220
Math  220
Science/Social Studies  220
Writing  193


What are some CMU graduates with this degree doing?

CMU education graduates are teaching in schools all over the state of Missouri.