Health Sciences

The Bachelor of Health Sciences degree provides educational programming opportunities for students who hold an Associate of Applied Science in an area related to the provision of health care services. For AY14-15, this program exists as a Plus 2 option; courses are available in the online format. To be eligible, students must hold an Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS) degree in a health-related field from an accredited school and have successfully completed any appropriate certification exams.

The general education courses and the specific professional programmatic courses from a student's AAS are accepted in transfer from accredited schools. The student then completes any additional general education courses required to fulfill CMU's Common Core and completes upper level coursework in Communication, Allied Health, and 27 hours of coursework specific to Health Science. The addition of a Bachelor's degree to their professional certification allows these students the potential to pursue graduate education in their chosen specialty area as well as expanded job opportunities in the community practice settings.

Degrees Available:

Bachelor of Health Sciences

Bachelor of Health Sciences, Health Care Administration


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