Student Outcomes

Assessment Methods

The Portfolio, student evaluations of instruction, course level assessments, and graduate and employer surveys are the primary methods of assessment. Students are required to maintain a portfolio during the Bachelors-completion Nursing Program. They must write a summary at the end of each nursing course analyzing how the course met one or more of the Outcomes. At the end of the program the students complete a survey identifying how well the program's design assisted the student in meeting the Program Outcomes, courses and/or assignments that helped in meeting the Program Outcomes, and suggestions for program improvement. The student evaluations of instruction identify course and instructor specific issues that can be addressed immediately. The course level assessments align course objectives and program outcomes with specific assignments, which are then used to demonstrate student learning. Graduate surveys provide further opportunity for students to submit feedback to the program. The employer surveys identify how well graduates perform based on the Program Outcomes.


Portfolios are reviewed periodically and after the end of the program. The student is to evaluate whether the courses content helped them meet the program outcomes. Student evaluations of instruction are reviewed at the end of every course. Course level assessments are reviewed annually. The graduate and employer surveys are sent and reviewed after one year of employment.


In the summer the Nursing Program Coordinator will review and evaluate assessment information. Recommendations are then presented at the summer faculty workshop. Recommendations result in changes to improve courses and clinical experiences for students as documented in the faculty workshop minutes. Analyses of the data obtained are reported annually in the Systematic Program Evaluation Plan Report.