Faculty and Staff Directory

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Abernathy, Keith Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Adams, Holly STL Admissions Representative
Anderson, Larry Professor of Education
Anson, Jacqueline Assistant Professor of Psychology
Applegarth, Tristan Admissions Representative
Argent, Teresa Academic Support Specialist
Arnold, Heather Student Instructor
Asbury, Ross System Analyst
Athanassiou, Katherine Academic Advisor
Baker, Molly Stockroom Clerk
Ballew, Traci CGES Billing Specialist
Barringhaus, Jill Campus Bookstore Manager
Barringhaus, Brooke CGES Financial Services Coordinator
Batton, Kathy Director of Health Services
Baxter, Catherine Associate Director for International Student Service and Recruitment
Beaman, Darlene Administrative Assistant
Beeler, Lynette Administrative Assistant for the Division of Fine Arts
Bellefeuille, John Associate Professor of Chemistry
Bennett, Julie Associate Professor of Business
Berwin, Barbara Professor of Music
Berwin, Milton Associate Director of Admissions
Bethel, Jane Administrative Assistant
Bingaman, Maria Admissions Representative
Boddie, Courtney Assistant Professor-MSCC Program Coordinator-Columbia
Borghardt, Kaleb Asst Football Coach
Boss, Karen Administrative Assistant, First Class at CMU
Boss, Keeley OSD Administrative Assistant
Boyd, Jenna Assistant Professor of Nursing
Brackman, Tara Assistant Professor of Physical Education
Bradley, Richard Professor of History, Director of the Honors Program
Braithwait, Sandra Education Coordinator
Breland, Nathan Head Baseball Coach
Brink, Collin Associate Professor of Communication
Brink, Stephanie Assistant Dean - Online Programs, Director of Nursing (CGES)
Brothers, Debra Faculty
Brucks, Don Maintenance
Burbee, Carolynn Course Review Specialist
Bush, DaShayla Office Manager
Calloway, David Head Football Coach
Carnahan, Kevin Assistant Professor of Philosophy & Religion
Carnes, Christine Course Review Specialist
Carter, John Professor of Political Science, Director of Pre-Law
Carter, Jerri Associate Registrar for CGES
Casady, Duane Instructional Technology Specialist
Cherrington, Nettie Administrative Assistant
Cherry, Kristin Associate Professor of Communication
Chiarottino, Rachelle Assistant Professor
Clark, William System Support Technician
Clark, Kendal Assistant Professor of Physics
Clark, Tisha Administrative Assistant
Cleek, Christopher Grounds
Coleman, John Evening Library Supervisor and Work Study Coordinator
Colvin, Amanda CGES Financial Services Assistant
Connell, Roxanne Degree Progress Coordinator
Conrow, Debbie Accounts Payable Clerk
Conrow, William "Benjie" Grounds Supervisor
Cornelius, Angie Associate Professor of Nursing
Cravens, Sharon Food Service Director
Crowe, Amanda Adjunct Professor of Business
Daniel, Lea Assistant Professor of Biology
Davis, Anita Housekeeping
Davis, Michael Head Womens Basketball Coach
Davis, Meagan Assistant Director of Special Projects
Day, Diane Housekeeping
DeGan-Dixon, Deborah Associate Dean of Assurance and Western Region
Dennison, Alanna Assistant Professor, Athletic Trainer
Diesner, Derek Sports Information Director
Dixon, Bradley Associate Dean of Students
Dougherty, Heather Clinical Coordinator BSN and A-BSN Programs
Drake, Roger President
Drummond, Suzanne Administrative Assistant
Dudenhoffer, Cynthia Director of Information Resources, Associate Professor
Duke, Janet Site Coordinator
Eaton, Wally Maintenance
Ebbesmeyer, Karen Assistant Director of Financial Assistance
Ehlers, Rob Assistant Baseball Coach
Epple-Farmer, Jessica Professor of Anatomy and Physiology
Fenton, Rebbecca Program Director, Occupational Therapy Assistant program
Fields, Nancy Education Coordinator
Finley, John Archivist
Flanders, Joy Director of Student Success and Associate Professor
Flanders, John Professor of Business and Economics
Fortel, David Counselor
Fortman, Herman Maintenance Supervisor
Freese, Megan Coordinator of Alumni Engagement
Fuemmeler, Terin Head Spirit Squad Coach, Cheerleading & Dance
Gaines, Chad Vice-President for Technology and Planning
Ganther, Janice Coordinator/Liaison
Garner, Andrea Asst. Prof. of Nursing
Gebhardt, Denise Curator of Ashby-Hodge Gallery
Gebhardt, Maggie Media Content Specialist
Geist, Joseph Supervisor of the Collection
Gerken, Vickie Housekeeping
Gerken, Judy Housekeeping
Gibbs, Kristen Director of Financial Assistance
Gifford, Roxanne Assistant Professor of Nursing
Gilkey, Sandra Site Coordinator
Gladbach, Dakota Admission Counselor
Gold, Elizabeth Associate Professor of Psychology
Gordon, James- Tiger Professor of Chemistry
Gordy, Pamela Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Gorton, David Site Coordinator
Griffin, Sherri Professor of Education
Griffin, Julian Assistant Football Coach
Gulstad, Rita Provost
Haack, Teri Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Hackman, Sally Director of Professional Education
Haggard, Terry Custodial Supervisor
Hamilton, Dana Housekeeping
Hansen, Neil RHD-Howard Payne
Harfst, Linda Administrative Assistant
Harrison, Paige Administrative Assistant
Haskamp, Rachel Online Program Advisor
Hatwalkar, Kavita Assistant Professor of English
Hayes, Connie Assistant to the Vice-President of Institutional Growth and Student Engagement
Henson, Janice Associate Professor of Education
Hess, Megan Associate Professor of Nursing, Division Chair for Health Professions
High-Pagni, Jacqueline Adjunct Professor
Hilgedick, Brianne Assistant Registrar
Himmelberg, Debbie Administrative Assistant to the Provost
Hrdina, Mary Admissions Office Manager
Huber, Tracey STL Admissions Representative
Hurst, Demirese Admissions Representative
Huston, Rachel Assistant Professor of Nursing
Hutchinson, Sarah Assistant Director of Technology Services
Hutchison, David Executive Director of Advancement and Alumni Programs
Jackmon, Antoinette Housekeeping
Jackson, Jackie Director of Annual Giving and Operations
Jacobs, Joshua Vice President of Advancement and Alumni Relations
Jefferies, Daryl Professor of Religion
Jenkins, Adam Director of Admissions
Jimerson, Joe Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics
Johnmeyer, Connie Director of Clinical Counseling Program
Johnson, Travis Assistant Professor of English
Jones-Olson, Allison Womens Volleyball Coach
Keeling, Keith Dean and Professor of Philosophy & Religion Emeritus
Kelty, Mark Professor of Theatre
Keown, Theresa Director, MS Clinical Counseling
Kluck, James Regional Admission Representative, Head Golf Coach
Kluck, Karla CGES Financial Aid Advisor
Klusmeyer, Carlena Senior Academic Advisor
Knapp, Jason Site Coordinator
Koonce, Jeffrey Site Coordinator
Lackland, Deborah Administrative Assistant, Nursing
Lackland, Jessica Mailroom Supervisor/Switchboard/Payroll
Linhart, Dale Grounds
Linneman, Amanda User Support Specialist
Lobina, Jaci CGES Admission Specialist
Loehnig Simons, Melissa Assistant Professor Music
Long, Susan Associate Professor of Psychology
Lough, Ashley Assistant Professor of Biology
Love, Michele Online Advisor
Lovette, Karen Site Coordinator
Lucchesi, Laura Administrative Assistant
Martin Anspach, Jenny Assistant Director for Marketing Communications
Mason, Samuel Assistant Dean
Maupin, Lisa Administrative Assistant to the Freshman Program
Maurer, Stefanie Assistant Womens Soccer Coach
McLouth, Ryan Assistant Professor of Music, Music Ministry Program Coordinator
McQuitty, Octavia Housekeeping
Medendorp, Gregg Assistant Director of Database Management
Miller, Daniel Online Faculty Coordinator
Monnig, Amy Campus Services Manager
Monnig, Shelley Business Office Manager
Monnig, Amber Coordinator of Institutional Research
Montgomery, Michael Maintenance
Montgomery, Eldon Maintenance
Montgomery, Camrun Campus Visit Coordinator
Moore, Molly Director
Morris, Dana Associate Professor of Biology
Morris, Natalie Region Coordinator
Morris, Kathy Director of Clinical Education PTA Program
Morse, Wayne Assistant Director of Plant Operations and Safety Coordinator
Morse, Jacque Assistant Registrar
Mueller, Levi Housekeeping
Myer, Brent Associate Professor of Sociology
Nappier, Cassandra Coordinator of Civic Engagement and Student Programing
Nation, Debbie Payroll Specialist
Nelson, Mark Head Track & Field Coach
Nichols, Alex Head Mens Soccer Coach
Oberweather, Kyle Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
OConnell, Peggy First Class Coordinator
Oeth, Kimberly BSNG-Program Director
Oliver, Ken Vice President for Institutional Growth and Student Engagement
Orr, Asia Regional Coordinator
Owen, Gregory Assistant Professor of Theatre and Communications
Parsons, Jennifer Digital Resources Librarian
Peck Cottrell, Monica Region Coordinator
Perkins, John Professor of Music
Pihana, Denise Administrative Assistant, College of Graduate and Extended Studies
Pihana, Maile Communications Specialist
Porneluzi, Paul Professor of Biology
Porter, John Associate Professor of English
Pratte, Jill Athletic Training Clinical Coordinator, Associate Professor
Priddy, Jerry Professor of Mathematics
Propst, Kent Executive Director of Communications and Marketing
Pulliam, Nathen Billing Specialist
Quigley-Duggan, Susan Associate Professor of Voice and Opera
Rackley, Bob Development Research and Records Associate
Rahmatpanah, Mozaffar Professor of Physical Education
Rambo III, William Assistant Coordinator of Student Activities McMurry Hall Resident Director
Ray, Gregory Assistant Womens Basketball Coach
Ray, Dustin RHD
Reardon, Francis - Gene Assistant Softball Coach, Hitting/Recruiting Coordinator
Reardon, Patrick Head Softball Coach, Asst. Athletic Director, Asst. Professor of Physical Education
Reed, Jeremy Associate Professor of English
Rethwisch, Braxton Regional Director of Admissions-St. Louis Area
Reynolds, Michelle Assistant Professor of Nursing
Ringen, Merri Administrative Assistant
Robb, Peggy Administrative Assistant
Robinette, Eric Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Robinson, O.A. Professor of Philosophy and Religion
Rohrbach, Kelly Academic Fieldwork Coordinator OTA Program
Royston, Amy Assistant Director of Advancement Services
Rustemeyer, Maryann Associate Professor of English and Mathematics, Director of the Center for Learning & Teaching
Sage, Aimee Director of Admissions, College of Graduate and Extended Studies
Sage, Rick Director of Athletic Training Services
Sanders, Nancy Loan Coordinator
Sanders, Ronnie Housekeeping
Sanders, Colleen Administrative Assistant- CGES
Schaefer, Savannah RHD - Holt
Scheible, Dan Football Offensive Coordinator
Scheiner, Steve Site Coordinator
Schmidlin, Daniel Head Womens Soccer Coach
Schubert, Angela Clinical Counseling Coordinator
Schuler, Michelle Assistant Dean
Schulte, Stacy Assistant Professor of Nursing
Shackelford, Pamela Associate Professor of Accounting
Shanahan, Catherine Executive Assistant
Shaw, Penny Senior Data Analyst-Admission
Shepard, Jennifer Associate Director of Admission
Sherman, Julee Vice President for Finance & Administration
Sherman, Jeffrey Head Men\'s Basketball Coach, Associate Professor of Physical Education
Sherman, Matthew Assistant Mens Basketball Coach
Shilling, Al Network Administrator
Shockley, Aaron Admissions Representative
Skeens, Stacy Assistant Professor of Nursing
Smith, Janice Administrative Assistant
Smith, Travis Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion
Smith, Jill Assistant Professor of Education
Souders, Lois Housekeeping
Spielbauer, Brian Athletic Director
Spielbauer, Jennifer Program Director for Physical Therapist Assistant
Steward, Marty Defensive Coordinator -Football
Stewart, Edward Assistant Track and Field Coach
Stone, Mark Assistant Dean of Student Engagement
Storjohann, Jessica Documentation Coordinator
Strand, Lauren Assistant Professor of Nursing
Strodtman, Leasa Library Technical Services
Strodtman, Carrie Assistant Professor and Information Services Librarian
Swicegood, Grant Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Taylor, Hope Nursing Skills Lab Coordinator
Taylor, Jessica Assistant Professor of Clinical Counseling, MS Clinical Counseling Program Coordinator-Maryland Heights
Thies, Cam Account Collections
Thogmorton, Catherine Editor, The Talon
Thomas, Levi Admissions Representative
Thompson, Angela Student Services Administrative Assistant
Thomson, Kimberly HR Director
Thomson, Leanna Counselor
Thurmon, Gregory Associate Professor of Biology
Thurmon, Barbara Associate Professor of Education
Tigner, Diane Director of Academic Services
Tindall, Lealure Administrative Assistant, Graduate Studies Program
Travlos , Jessica Media and Content Coordinator
Tremain, Rick Housekeeping
Van, Annette Associate Professor of English
Vandelicht, Roy- Skip Director of Bands, Associate Professor of Music
Waggoner, Dori Chair, Fine Arts Division; Associate Professor of Music
Wald, Sandra Assistant Dean of the Central Region
Watts, Janice Housekeeping
Wells, Sherry Administrative Assistant, Athletics
Welton, Wade Director of Athletic Training Program, Associate Professor
Westfall, Claude Director of Choral Activities, Associate Professor of Music
Wheeler, Patrick Grounds Crew
White, Conner RHD-Woodward
Wiebe, Laura Assistant Professor of Music
Wiegers, Robert Professor of History
Willard, Timothy Union Site Coordinator
Williams, Hilary Administrative Assistant
Williams, Jeffrey Site Coordinator
Winegard, Kay Registrar
Wiswall, Derry Director of Plant Operations
Woldruff, Ryan Assistant Professor of English
Wood, Gary Director of Clinical Experiences, Assistant Professor of Education
Wright, Roy Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Yevich, Nicolette Director, Career Development Center
Zacharias, Paul Adjunct Professor, Small Business Management & Marketing
Zerwig, Lorena Assistant Professor of Nursing

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