After the FAFSA, Undergraduate - Fayette

  • Student Aid Report (SAR): After completion of the FAFSA on the Web, a Student Aid Report will be sent by email. If a SAR is not received, please contact FAFSA at 1-800-4-FED-AID to verify the status of the application. The CMU Financial Assistance Office (FA Office) will also receive a copy of the SAR and will use this information to determine your financial aid eligibility.
  • Verification: FAFSA applications are randomly selected by Central Processing at FAFSA for verification of submitted data. If your application was selected for verification, the FA Office will request additional documentation.  The required documents for verification are:
    1. Income Tax Documents - –Tax documentation is needed from both the student (if filed) and parent (if student is dependent). You have two options for providing tax documentation:
      • Correct your FAFSA on the Web using the IRS Data Retrieval tool to import your tax information (preferred option), or
      • Provide an IRS Tax Return Transcript. The IRS Tax Return Transcript can be requested by: (Please be aware that it may take 6-8 weeks to receive tax transcripts from the IRS.)
    2. Verification Worksheet: Found on your myCMU document tracking
    3. If you marked yes to question #75 or #96, (food stamp benefits), documentation from the agency that shows you received food stamps in the two years previous
    4. Itemization Worksheet: Found on your myCMU document tracking, if needed (required when the family's adjusted gross income falls below the United States Poverty Guideline)

  • Scholarship Offer: Students will be mailed a scholarship offer from the Admissions office. The offer should be signed and returned to the Admissions office.
  • Financial Aid Eligibility Notice (award letter): Students can view their financial aid on myCMU once their aid eligibility has been determined. After a student's aid is finalized, the student will receive an email letting them know they need to accept or reject their aid. The award letter can be found on the student's myCMU account, under the Student Tab, then click on Financial Aid, then Financial Aid Awards. Choose the Award Year, then click on "Accept/Decline Aid." Follow the instructions and then hit submit to complete the process. Students do not have to accept all aid offered. Remember: Loans must be repaid.
  • Transcripts: Students should make sure that their high school and/or college transcripts are submitted to CMU.