Tips for Writing to your Sponsor

You don't have to include all the suggestions below in your letter, these tips are here to help you get started.

  1. Include the date, your address, and your sponsor's name and address at the top of your letter. This lets your sponsor know your address, so he/she can write back to you. (It's the proper way to do it as well.) Also include the name of the scholarship. These details help the advancement office track whether you've fulfilled your obligation to write to your sponsor.
  2. Begin your letter by saying THANK YOU! Use the name of the scholarship in your thanks – for example, "I received the John Q. Smith Memorial Scholarship; thanks for supporting my college education." Your sponsor has given at least $10,000 to establish a scholarship, you should express your appreciation.
  3. Share some of your background – hometown, family, hobbies, etc. Your sponsor has invested money in you and might like to know something about who you are, the kinds of decisions and challenges you are facing, what interests you, and what you would like your future to hold.
  4. Include information about your life at CMU – classes, major, organizations, sports, school news, etc. Your sponsor has an interest in you and in CMU, and wants to hear what is happening with you and around campus.
  5. Mention that you would welcome the chance to meet on campus in the future. Many sponsors visit Fayette from time to time and would appreciate the opportunity to share some time with you.
  6. Say THANK YOU again!!! You can't overdo genuine gratitude.
  7. Sign your letter. This is a standard, but not everyone remembers!
  8. Mail the original, signed letter to your sponsor.
  9. Mail, email, or bring a copy of your letter to the advancement office (third floor, Brannock Hall) for the files.

Please feel free to call the advancement office at 660-248-6277 if you have any questions!
Snail mail: Advancement Office
Central Methodist University
411 Central Methodist Square
Fayette, MO 65248