Tuition and Fees and Financial Assistance - ABSN

The Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program consists of 55 credit hours of coursework (not including prerequisites) at $540 per credit hour, making the total cost of the program $29,700. The program spans over two financial aid award years. Students will be billed prior to the start of each 8-week term. To see an exact break down of the hours taken each term, visit the accelerated BSN curriculum page.

Payment Options

Payment is due before classes begin and can be paid with: cash, check, money order, or MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express through the e-cashier site. For further details on payment options please visit the e-Cashier page or contact Traci Ballew at 660-248-6670.

Financial Aid

Students entering the accelerated BSN program have already obtained a bachelor's degree, which makes them ineligible for federal and state grants. The only financial aid available is federal Stafford student loans, private loans and outside scholarships.

Loan Eligibility

Federal Stafford Student loans may be available to eligible students as determined by the FAFSA. Independent students may receive a maximum of $12,500 in student loans each academic year. This $12,500 is a combination of $5,500 subsidized loan (based on financial need) and $7,000 unsubsidized loan. Dependent students are eligible for $7,500 in student loans each academic year. The $7,500 is a combination of $5,500 subsidized loan (based on financial need) and $2,000 unsubsidized loan. Dependent students may be eligible for an additional $5,000 of unsubsidized loans if their parents are denied a PLUS loan. For information about applying for a parent PLUS loan. For loan interest rates and terms please visit our Student Loan page.

First time borrowers are required to complete Loan Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note at

Private or alternative loans are also available through private lenders. Alternative Loans are unlike Stafford or PLUS loans, for they require a separate application, a credit check, and may require a co-signor. To apply for a private loan or to find out more information visit the FastChoice website.


Two FAFSAs are required for federal financial aid for the duration of the Accelerated BSN program. A 2013-2014 FAFSA must be submitted for Term V when the program begins. The 2014-2015 FAFSA will also be needed to process aid for the following Terms I-V (August – July). The FAFSA is completed electronically at

For any questions please contact Patrick Argent – – 660-248-6894.