What is verification?

Verification is the process of confirming that the information reported by the student and/or parent on the FAFSA is accurate. Applications are selected for verification either by the Central Processing System or by the school. Students who are selected for verification cannot receive financial aid until their information has been verified by the Director of Financial Assistance. In addition to verification, a student may be asked to complete an itemization worksheet. This worksheet is used to get an accurate picture of a student’s and/or parents’ financial information. It is CMU’s policy to require an itemization worksheet when a household did not file taxes or when the family’s adjusted gross income is below the U.S. Poverty Guidelines for the income year and number if the household. Estimated financial assistance may change after the completion of verification, if the verification process yield errors on the FAFSA.

What do I do if I am chosen for verification?

If your application was selected for verification, additional documentation will be requested from the financial assistance office. Your financial aid will remain estimated until all the necessary documents have been submitted to the financial assistance office and the Director of Financial Assistance verifies your information. Please check your myCMU for a list of needed documents. Students that do not complete the verification process will not be eligible for Title IV or State financial assistance. Verification documents should be submitted as soon as possible and by the end of the payment period (semester) for which the student would like to receive financial assistance.

How do I know if I have missing financial documents?

You can check your myCMU account under the Student Tab, choose  Financial Aid, then Financial Aid Document Tracking to see if you are missing any financial aid documents. The documents listed will include all documents needed to complete verification, if selected. Any other documents needed to resolve conflicting data or to provide clarification of the reported data will also be listed. These documents may include but not limited to documentation of interest income, support form for family members listed in your household, divorce decree, child support documentation, and asset verification documentation.

I don't have my tax forms I need for verification, where can I get copies?

Tax documentation is needed from both the student and parent (if student is dependent). Non-filers are required to provide a statement of non-filing from the IRS. You have two options for providing tax documentation:

  1.  Correct your FAFSA on the Web using the IRS Data Retrieval Process to import your tax information (preferred option), or
  2. Provide an IRS Tax Return Transcript. Non-filers must use this method. The IRS Tax Return Transcript can be requested by: (Please be aware that it may take 6-8 weeks to receive tax transcripts from the IRS.)
    • Online –
    • Telephone – 800-908-9946
    • By mail – IRS Form 4506T-EZ

What happens after verification documents are submitted?

Once documents have been submitted for verification, they are reviewed for completeness and accuracy. If corrections need to be made, the Director of Financial Assistance will make the adjustment to the FAFSA and then submit the corrections to the Federal Central Processing Center (CPS). The CPS will calculate a new Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and send the results to you and the school. Once the school receives the new FAFSA, your financial aid will be added to your account and will be posted to your account after enrolled hours have been confirmed. You can track your financial aid progress through your myCMU account under Financial Aid.