Theatre Audition Information

Musical Comedy MurdersCurrent Student Audition Information:

Auditions for Little Theatre productions are held on the campus of CMU throughout the year. Email notifications are sent out before each audition. Auditions are open to all CMU students, faculty, and staff.

Scholarship students must prepare a one minute monologue. Other auditioners will read a scene from the production. Scripts for each production are available in the Smiley Library.

Prospective Student Audition Information:

Admission Requirements:

Theatre scholarships are available to all qualified students, regardless of academic major. Prospective students may schedule a campus visit and audition by contacting the Admissions Office at 660-248-6998. Scholarships are awarded upon acceptance for admission to CMU. Potential majors should indicate Theatre as a major on their application.

Audition Requirements:

Students will interview and audition with a Theatre Faculty member, usually during a campus visit. Students interested in performing should prepare a one-minute monologue from a contemporary source. Students interested in technical theatre should bring a portfolio of their work for review.