Band Day 2013

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2012 Band Day Results


Please be sure to read all of the information below.


Band day will be Saturday, October 5.

Parade competition begins at 9:00 a.m. During the parade there will be a music judge, a marching judge and a corner judge. All three will be awarding points for music. You must play for all three judges. Points will be awards as follows:

  • The music judge will award 30 points for music and 10 points for marching while playing.
  • The marching judge will award 20 points for alignment and marching and 20 points for music.
  • The corner judge will award 20 points for execution of the corner and 10 points for music. Your band must play while turning the corner.
  • There is also a judge for drum majors and color guards for the parade competition.

Indoor Drum-line competition time will be announced soon.

Indoor Color Guard competition time will be announced soon.

Field competition begins at approximately 12 noon. During field competition there will be one music judge, one marching and maneuvering judge, one general effect judge, a color guard judge, and a drum major judge.


This is a MSHSAA sanctioned event and classifications will be based on the MSHSAA 2012-2014 Official School Enrollment Information.


Awards will be presented to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, or one-half of the bands participating in a class, in all competitions. The traveling Sweepstakes award is presented to the band with the largest accumulation of points in parade and field. There are also awards for outstanding drum major, outstanding auxiliary unit, indoor drum-line and indoor color guard competition. The outstanding drum major and auxiliary awards are based on points received during both street and field competition. The drum major, auxiliary, indoor drum line and color guard scores do not count toward the sweepstakes award.


Entry Fees: Street - $60; Field - $90; Drum-line - $50; Indoor Color Guard - $50. No entry fees will be refunded once the schedule is set.

Complete the entry formpdf and return by Friday, September 13. Please include the entry fee or a purchase order with the entry form. Detailed information and a performance schedule will be sent to all entrants after September 16. If you will put a star on the second page of the entry form when you return it we will send you a coupon for $5 off your entry fees for Band Day 2014. We encourage you to include an email address in the appropriate location on the entry form to allow for quicker and more efficient communication once we receive your entry. We would like to send the schedule and final information to you via email – thus allowing us to get it to you in a more timely manner than in the past.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact Skip Vandelicht at 660-248-6319 or or Ruth Spayde, Administrative Assistant, at 660-248-6317 or


Please note: There will be a $2.00 admission fee for adults to the Field Competition. 


Important Information

In order to relieve some of the parking problems we have experienced the past two years, we are going to have a designated "tailgate lot" for all bands who wish to set up a camp to feed their students. This means your bus will not be right beside your "camp." The "tailgate lot" is located about a half block from the Student and Community Center parking lot and is right across the street from the Baseball parking lot. NO camps will be set up next to busses in either the SCC or Baseball lots. Please indicate on the entry form if you will need a “tailgate” spot. If you indicate you will need a spot, we will send special directions with your entry as to the location of the lot. This will greatly improve moving busses in and out of the parking lots and give everyone more space.