Rumors - Cast List

Kate  Chris Gorman

Kate Kellner
Major: English/Theatre
Year: Junior
Why do you Act? When I am onstage, I am not myself. It is a thrill to stand up in front of a crowd and just be someone who you would never ever really be. And, Theatre kids are way cool!
Dakota  Ken Gorman

Dakota Gladbach
Major: Music Education
Year: Senior
Bostic Claire Ganz

Abby Bostic
Major: Theatre/Biology Education
Year: Junior
Why do you Act? Acting gives you the chance to be someone else for awhile. It’s such a challenge and requires a creativity that I love. Being up on stage in front of a full house is one of the best feelings in the world.
Chott Lenny Ganz:  Bill Chott/Paul Davis understudy

Since graduating from CMU in 1991, Bill has studied at Second City in Chicago, performed in their touring company with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and continued with a very busy television and film career in addition to his work in improv comedy at his Improv Trick in St. Louis and Los Angeles. You may recognize Bill from Galaxy Quest, The Rum Diary, The Dana Carvey Show, as Thomas in The Ringer, as Mr. Laritate in The Wizards of Waverly Place, and as the Big Cult Guard in Dude, Where’s My Car?
Darrell  Ernie Cusack

Darrell Bailey
Major: Theatre Arts
Year: Senior
Why do you Act? It’s the one time I can shine.
Shamika  Cookie Cusack

Shamika Pegue
Major: Psychology, Sociology
Year: Senior
Why do you Act? I act because I have to. It releases my imagination and insanity to become what I am not in the real world. Plus it is simply fun!
Kelson  Glenn Cooper

Kelson Rosbach
Major: Theatre Education
Year: Junior
Why do you Act? I act because I love to entertain.
Rebekah  Cassie Cooper

Rebekah Monroe
Major: Vocal performance
Year: Freshman
Why do you Act? I receive attention. I have fun. I entertain and I am far from self-involved. I love people.
Jon  Officer Welch

Jon Connor
Jackie  Officer Pudney

Jackie Hoffman
Major: Nursing
Year: Sophomore
Why do you Act? Because it’s always been fun and I love it!


Assistant Director: Amanda Avery
Props/Costumes/Lights: Sam Pummill, Jamie Rector, Kelsey Forqueran