Community Vocal Program

The Community Vocal Music Program is an outreach effort sponsored by the Swinney Conservatory of Music to aspiring singers in Central Missouri. Music lessons offered through CMU are ideal for those persons seeking individualized attention, musical growth and enrichment. High school and junior high students are encouraged to study as well as adults. Motivation and interest are the only entrance requirements.

Lessons are taught by voice faculty and advanced vocal undergraduates. Fees are negotiated with the instructor based upon the educational qualification of the instructor, length of lesson, and term of instruction. It is required that lesson fees are paid in monthly installments to the instructor semester payable at the start of each month's lessons. Sessions are 14 weeks long and include participation in a recital.

Students interested in the Community Vocal Music Program should contact Lynette Beeler at or 660-2486317. The placement of students with an instructor is subject to instructor availability. In the event a teacher is not available, a waiting list will be maintained.