2015-16 Theatre Season

Radium GirlsOctober 8-11

Noises Off by Michael Frayn

Called the funniest farce ever written, Noises Off presents a manic menagerie as a cast of itinerant actors rehearsing a flop called Nothing's On. Doors slamming, on and offstage intrigue, and an errant herring all figure in the plot of this hilarious and classically comic play.

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November 14-15

Schoolhouse Rock by Scott Ferguson, Kyle Hall and George Keating
Saturday matinee at 1:30 p.m.

Rock Live! follows Tom, a nerve-wracked school teacher who is nervous about his first day of teaching. He tries to relax by watching TV when various characters representing facets of his personality emerge from the set and show him how to win his students over with imagination and music, through such songs as "Just A Bill," "Lolly, Lolly, Lolly," and "Conjunction Junction."

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December 10-11

Student Directed One Acts


March 3-6

The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie

A group of strangers is stranded in a boarding house during a snow storm, one of whom is a murderer. The suspects include the newly married couple who run the house, a spinster with a curious background, an architect who seems better equipped to be a chef, a retired Army major, a stranded traveler, a jurist, and a policeman on skis. To get to the rationale of the murderer’s pattern, the policeman probes the background of everyone present, and rattles a lot of skeletons.

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April 28-May 1

As You Like It by William Shakespeare

As You Like It, written by William Shakespeare in either 1599 or 1600, is one of his great comedy romps, featuring love in disguise, love thwarted, life defined as "All the World's a Stage," great characters in disguise and on the run, and finally, (spoiler alert) a happy ending with vows and wedding celebration. 


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