First Class - Dual Credit Program

The First Class at CMU dual credit program allows qualified high school students to enroll in approved classes and receive both high school and college credit, providing an early start in fulfilling college requirements. Credit earned can be applied at many colleges and universities, including CMU. First Class at CMU offers dual credit classes in three different formats: online, ITV, and in-house.

In-House Classes

In-house dual credit classes can be provided by high school teachers at their high school once CMU has approved him/her to teach for First Class. Teachers who want to seek approval should submit an Adjunct Approval Form, unofficial transcript, resume, and which classes he/she wants to teach to

Online Classes

Online dual credit classes are offered in the fall and spring semesters. All classes are 16 weeks in length and taught via MyCMU. Students in online classes should be given a dedicated hour during the school day to work on the online class. These classes require a lot of initiative and self-motivation, and also create an environment in which everyone participates. Students who are interested in online classes should take the online readiness quiz and discuss the subject with parents and teachers before enrolling in an online class. Online courses offered.

ITV  Classes

ITV classes are a type of distance learning that allow students to "join" a class from their high school and connect to an instructor provided by CMU, and students in other schools. Appropriate technology equipment is required to offer iTV classes. Please email for a schedule and/or more information.


Contact Information:

O'ConnellPeggy O'Connell
First Class at CMU Coordinator

 SandraSandra Wald
Assistant Dean
660-248-6378 or 573-447-3311

BossKaren Boss
Administrative Assistant