MSN Curriculum

MSN Curriculum - 34 total credit hours
Students will be admitted as a cohort with a minimum of 10-12 people per cohort. Up to 9 transfer hours will be accepted on a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of the Admissions Committee.

Advanced Practice Nursing Core Curriculum (12 credit hours total)
NU500 Advanced Health Assessment (4 credit hours)
NU502 Advanced Pathophysiology (3 credit hours)
NU504 Advanced Pharmacology (3 credit hours)
NU514 Theoretical Frameworks (2 credit hours)

CNL Graduate Core Curriculum Content (22 credit hours total)
NU508 Epidemiology (4 credit hours)
NU510 Advanced Professional Role (4 credit hours)
NU512 Health Care Finance/ Policy/Economics (3 credit hours)
NU516 Health Care Issues (3 credit hours)
NU518 Evidence-Based Client Care Management (4 credit hours)
NU522 Clinical Nurse Leader Residency (4 credit hours)

ANE Graduate Core Curriculum Content (22 credit hours total)
NU509 Curriculum Development (3 credit hours)
NU511 Advanced Professional Role – Nurse Educator (4 credit hours)
NU513 Evaluation Methods (3 credit hours)
NU515 Instructional Strategies (3 credit hours)
NU517 Issues and Trends in Post-Secondary Education (3 credit hours)
NU519 Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing Education (4 credit hours)
NU523 Nurse Educator Practicum (2 credit hours)

Graduation Requirements

  1. A 3.0 cumulative G.P.A. must be maintained and a grade of "B" or above must be earned in all graduate course work. Should a student receive a grade of less than a "B" the student must "stop out" and return to repeat that course before continuing. A student may "stop out" only one time and must reapply to CMU if stopped out for more than two semesters.
  2. The MSN Program must be completed within five years.


Specific program outcomes are aligned with each course. Each course has primary objectives illuminate the aligned program outcomes. Satisfactory achievement of the identified primary objective demonstrates accomplishment of the Program Outcome. Each primary objective as a specific course assignment for which successful completion of the assignment signifies student achievement of the objective.