Putty Software Installation

  1. Create a folder on the C: drive labeled: PuTTY
  2. Download the Putty program and place this file in the folder labeled PuTTY on the C: drive. To save to the folder: Choose save. Select Local Disk C: from the down down of the Save box, then double-click on the PuTTY folder to open it and choose Save.
  3. Locate the file putty.exe on C: drive.
  4. Double-click Putty.exe
  5. A grey box comes up labeled Open File – Security Warning (This should only come up once.) In the lower left, uncheck the box that says: Always ask before opening this file. Then choose Run. Another box will appear labeled PuTTY configuration.
  6. On the left side of the configuration box is: Category and under Category are several topics. Ensure that "Session" is highlighted
    •  In Host Name type the following:
      • For on-campus:
      • For off-campus:
    • Make sure that Protocol has SSH marked.
    • Verify that the Port specified is 22
  7. Next highlight "Terminal" and choose the down arrow under "Printer to send ANSI printer output to" and select the correct printer.
    If no printer exists, please install a printer.
  8.  Next highlight Keyboard under Terminal
    •  Under Backspace key: mark Control-H
    • Under Function keys and keypad: mark VT100+
  9. Next highlight Features under Terminal
    • Check – Disable application keypad mode
    • Ensure that Disable remote window title querying (SECURITY) is checked
  10. Next if you want to change the appearance of your font (size) Highlight Appearances - Click on Change under Font settings – Select the style and size that you want - then click OK
    • You can also choose the style of cursor you want and if it blinks or not
    • You can also change the Title that appears when the window is
      • Open by highlighting Behavior under Window and Under Window Title type in a name f the window: i.e. CARS, or JENZABAR
    • You can also change the color of the foreground (text) and the background by Highlighting colors and choosing the color that you want to change: i.e. Default background and then choose Modify and select the color that you want then hit OK. Continue with the rest of the colors that you would like to change.
  11. Highlight Session and under Saved Sessions type in the name of the session that you want to save (i.e. your login). Then choose Save.


Use of PuTTY

  1. From now on the PuTTY Configuration window should appear when the CARS icon is selected. Highlight the session that you want to load and then choose load. The IP should be in the IP address window.
  2. Select Open and a window should open. A "PuTTY Security Alert" window will popup, choose Yes. This window will no longer show up.
  3.  After a short time, several seconds, the login prompt should show up: at this point you are now logging into CARS.

For the point-and-click interface please install QuickMate.