President's Council

The President's Council consists of alumni, community members, and other good friends of Central Methodist University who meet on campus twice a year to provide advice and counsel to CMU's president on issues of strategic importance to the institution and to higher education in general.

Ralph Anderson '58

Judy Apel '68

J. W. Arnold '90

M. Douglas Burton '67

Wendy Biache Dawson '98

Lynn Dyke

Bradley Harrison '01

L. Kyle Hern '73

Annie Bradley Holder '97

Ron Knigge '65

Terry A. Ohlms '83

James Powell

William Powell '65

Marvin Pyron

Lathem Scott '98

Betty Thorne Tierney

Myrl H. Vossler

W. Randall Washburn '70

Nancy Yuelkenbeck '78