Installing a Network Printer from a CMU machine

Choose the Start button
run box

Then type RUN in the search,
run box

Then click on Run under Programs
run box

Type \\stormtrooper and hit OK
 run box


Next there will be a window with all the printers available on the network, double-click the printer you wish to add, it will take a few seconds and show its connecting. Note: You must have permission to the printer to add it.

The task box for the selected printer with the printer name on stormtrooper and status at the top will appear.

Task Box


Verify Installed Printers: To verify what printers you have installed on your computer simply choose the Start button, Devices and Printers. All of the printers on your machine will be displayed.

Delete a Printer: From the Devices and Printers window you can right-click on a printer and delete printer, deleting and re-adding a printer may help if you’re having connection problems.

Default Printer: From the Devices and Printers window you can easy see which printer is marked as default by the check mark on the printer. To change the default printer, right-click on the printer you wish to make default and choose set as default.

Note: From the Devices and Printers window you can also open the printers task box by clicking on the printer, from the task box you can manage the queue, change the printer preferences, see printer properties and set as the default printer.