iPad Tips

Have an iPad? Not sure how it works or need some great tips? Check out the information below!

General Information

iPads use touchscreen technology - all navigation is done with the touch of a finger. iPads are designed to turn off the screen display after inactivity to prolong battery life. To access your iPad use the top or front button to turn the screen on and slide to unlock. To turn the screen off, press the top button.

One screen holds 20 App icons. To navigate between screens, slide your finger from one side to the other.


iPads and iPhones use Applications (App), which are just small programs. Each App does a particular thing and can be downloaded through iTunes or the App Store on your device. Applications can be free or a few dollars each, the price is listed by the description of the App.

Downloading an App

Users can search for applications in the App Store. Each app has a full description of what it does and user reviews. To download an app, simply choose the grey button under the App icon at the top left that shows the price, hit install and enter your Apple ID. The App will then begin downloading and will be accessable on your device.

Download     Install     Confirm


Reorganizing your iPad screenreorganize

When an App is installed it is automatically placed in the first available open spot. Keeping your Apps organized will make it easier to find what you are looking for. To reorganize the Apps, press and hold any App icon until they all shake and a small X appears at the top left of each icon. At this point, Apps can be moved by dragging and dropping into a prefered location. To move an App to a different screen, drag it to the far side and hold, it should automatically flip to the next screen.

Another way to organize Apps is to group similar Apps. In the example to the left, there is a Games group that holds up to twelve different Apps. To create a group, press and hold any App icon until they all shake and a small X appears at the top left of each icon. Instead of moving the App to a new location, move the App and drop it on top of the other App you would like to group it with. Once placed the group can be given a title that will display on the main iPad screen. To ungroup, simply drag the icons back onto the main iPad screen.


Deleting and App

Deleting an App is very easy! Press and hold the App icon you would like to remove until they all shake and a small X appears at the top left of each icon. Press the small X to delete. A prompt will appear, choose delete.


Closing an App

ClosingApps will remain open and running in the background once they are open. If too many are open at once it could cause the iPad to run slowly. To close background apps, double click the front button. Open Apps will appear at the bottom of the screen. Press and hold any App icon and a red minus will appear in the top left corner. Press the red minus on the Apps to close them.

Tips and Tricks
  • The five spots at the bottom of the iPad screen are changable. Put the Apps that are used the most there so they are always easy to access.
  • Take a screen shot of your iPad screen by pressing the top and front buttons at the same time.
  • EmailEmail pictures or screenshots by choosing the forward button at the top right of any picture in the photo album.
  • Camera:
    • Change the way your camera faces by pressing the Camera Change camera flip button at the top right on your camera screen.
    • Change from photographs to video by changing the mode at the bottom left.Camera Mode
  • Tired of fingerprints? Find a soft microfiber cloth and wipe down the screen to remove them.


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