Eagle Account

Students should receive a letter in the mail prior to the start of their first semester with all account information, if it gets misplaced, contact the Office of Technology Services on first floor of Cupples Hall.

An Eagle account allows students access to the campus network including: computer labs, email (eagle mail), internet from residence hall rooms, wireless internet and printers.

In order to use any of the computer labs, login with an Eagle Account when prompted. Unless otherwise noted, be sure the "LOG ON TO" section says CMCNET.

Accessing Eagle Mail

  • Choose Eagle Mail from the top right of the CMU website.
  • Enter your CMU Eagle login and password when prompted
  • Important notes:
    • Your email address is CMULoginName@centralmethodist.edu. For example, if a CMU Eagle login is "jdoe", the email address will be jdoe@centralmethodist.edu.
    • There is a 100MB limit on your email mailbox. If you reach that limit you can no longer send or receive email. Be sure to keep your INBOX, SENT ITEMS, and DELETED ITEMS folder cleaned up as much as possible. Remember attachments can take up a lot of space.
    • All email is scanned with Symantec Anti-Virus.


Once an email message is deleted or purged, the University cannot guarantee the recovery of that email message. Backups of the entire email system are performed on a regular basis. These backups enable the University to recover the entire email system in the event of a disaster.

Mass email

Mass email is unsolicited email sent to more than 250 internal or external email addresses, regardless of whether the email is sent in one or several messages. Since it can degrade the email service for all users, only use attachments when absolutely necessary.

Students requesting to send a mass email message must contact the Office of Student Development at 660-248-6223.

Life Time Eagle Mail
Students have the option of retaining their CMU Eagle email address after they graduate. This is a great way to make sure you keep informed about alumni activities and events. Alumni email accounts will lose access to Office Web Apps and OneDrive at the time of graduation, be sure to download any OneDrive files you wish to keep.

Accounts that are inactive for more than 30 days or have not been properly maintained will be deleted.

Account Maintenance

To conserve resources and maintain efficiency, the University periodically deletes Eagle accounts that are  not being used or are issued to non-current students. 

Regularly scheduled Eagle account deletions are done after the fourth week of the Fall and Spring semesters. Eagle accounts may be deleted at times other than the regularly scheduled times in cases that require special processing. An attempt will be made to contact the person to whom the account has been assigned before deleting it.

Deleted accounts cannot be restored. If you believe you have been mistakenly identified for deletion, email helpdesk@centralmethodist.edu as soon as possible.