Computer Labs

The Fayette campus at CMU offers numerous computer labs which are located across campus. Most University computers are running the Microsoft Windows7 operating system with Microsoft Office 2013 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Outlook, and Expression).

University computer lab facilities are considered to be study areas. All activities which disrupt, attempt to disrupt or support the disruption of a study environment will not be tolerated and corrective action will be taken. Further, no food, drink, or tobacco is permitted in the University computer labs. Any food or drink must be left outside the lab in designated areas or concealed in a backpack or other bag while in the lab. Food or drink that is concealed may not be consumed while inside the lab facility.


Computer Lab Locations

24-hour General Use Labs:
Burford Residence Hall
Holt Residence Hall
Howard-Payne Residence Hall
McMurry Residence Hall
Woodward Residence Hall

Instructional Labs:
Stedman 200 Lobby
T.Berry 308 E-Commerce Lab
Stedman 308

Other Lab Areas:
Center for Learning and Teaching
Eyrie Cafe
Information Commons
Stedman Hallway, 2nd floor
The Career Development Center


Students CANNOT save work to University owned computers. It is recommended to use thumb drives or other external storage devices. Always LOG OFF the computer when finished and remove external media.