Network Registration

In order to use your personal computer, network gaming device (XBOX, Playstation, Wii), or other wireless device on the CMU network, you must first register it.
Take few moments and familiarize yourself with our various network polices. Be aware that personal wireless access points, routers, hubs, and switches are not allowed on campus.

Register a Device

From the Fayette on-campus:

  • Connect to the CMU Network via either:
    • Ethernet cable connected to network port located in the residence hall room
    • Wireless connection to the CMUWAP
      • Enter Security key eaglesr#1
  • Open a Web Browser and navigate to a new page
  • The Registration page should display or visit the Registration page.
    • Agree, to the Acceptable Use Policy after you have read it
    • Start, next to CMU Students, Staff, & Faculty
    • You will be prompted for your Eagle Username and password,
      same username and password you use for Email, to verify your account works try to log into your web-based email.  NOTE: If you are unable to login, please contact the helpdesk at 660-248-6197.
  • At the Device Type drop down menu, select the appropriate device and click Register..
  • The results will be returned to you.
    • If successful, you will receive the message You have Successfully Registered on the network.
    • If failure, you will need to carefully read the instructions provided.

If you have problems or questions, contact the Helpdesk at 660-248-6197 or