Technology Checklist

For Your Room

  • Cable-ready TV and coaxial cable (one CATV outlet per room)
  • Power strip(s) with surge protection
  • Touch-tone telephone and RJ-11 phone cable (one phone line per room with two voice mailboxes)
  • DVD/Blu-ray player/Game box (optional)
  • Eagle username and password, myCMU password and student ID number (memorize this information)
  • CMU Student ID (gets you in the doors)

For Your Computercables

  • Ethernet cable (CAT5/RJ45) (one network port per student)
  • Network Interface Card (NIC), if not installed
  • Wireless Network Interface Card (wireless is available in the rooms but using an ethernet cable is faster and more reliable)
  • All CDs, drivers and software that came with your computer, networked gaming devices and all your peripherals encase you need the Office of Technology Services to repair your computer.
  • 8 GB+ USB drive (labeled with your name)
  • Personal Printer (option, there is a shared printer in all residence hall lobbies)
  • Printer paper

Ethernet cables, TV cables, USB printer cables, power supplies, blank cd's and USB drives can be purchased at the CMU Eagle Store, located in Student Union Center.

Not Bringing a Computer?
That's OK. You can use a computer at one of the labs on campus. Machines are loaded with Windows7, Internet Explorer, iTunes, Microsoft Office 2013 suite which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access and more.

What Not to Bring...
Due to security issues, personal wireless access points, routers, hubs, and switches are not allowed in residence halls. Visit the Unacceptable Use Policy for more information.