Web Printing
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Students while on-campus, can print using most web based devices, like iPads or cell phones.  All devices must have a compatible web browser installed like Internet Explorer or Firefox (Safari does not work at this time). Devices can then print to these printers on campus: printers in the information commons of the Library and any residence hall computer lab printer. In addition, students will be able to view their account balances and printing history online.      

Follow the set-up instructions to print from a web device or see your print history.

Networking Printing

Central Methodist has network printers throughout campus. Typically the computer that you are using will automatically default to print to a nearby location.  All students are assigned the default print quota of $50 at the beginning of every semester. Students may check their print quota by clicking on the PRINT MANAGER icon on the lower right-hand side of the taskbar.  print manager

Do you have a printer in your residence hall room? Need help installing it, follow these directions.

Printing Costs

Residence Hall Lobby Printers:

Black and white laser printing: $.05 per page
Students must provide their own paper for printers in residence hall lobbies.

Other Network Printers:

Black and white laser printing: $.10 per page
Duplex printing (2-sided): $.15
Color printing: $.25 per page

Additional credit for printing over and above the standard $50 allotted amount can be purchased in $5 increments. Please refer to our printing policy for complete information and our section on printing tips which will help minimize your printing and save money.

Printing Tips
  • Print on both sides (duplex)
    • Check your printer to see if has a Duplexer, this allows you to print on both sides of the paper. Under printer preferences you would see Print on Both Sides options on the layout tab.
  • If you have a 10 page paper and have to make a correction to one page, just print the page you made the correction to, rather than the entire paper.
    • Want a printed copy of only part of the information on a web page and don't want to copy the entire page or multiple pages? There are a couple of options:
      1. Highlight the part of message desired, then copy and paste to a blank email and print it without sending the message. Cancel the email and you have a copy of the desired information.
      2. In Internet Explorer:
        • Highlight the text you want to print
        • Choose File/Print
        • In the print dialog window, under "Print range" choose "Selection" and then hit the "OK" button at the bottom. Only the text you have highlighted will print.
  1. To save printer Ink, avoid printing unnecessary background colors and images. Turn off the background when printing from Internet Explorer:
    1. Select Tools, then Internet Options
    2. The Internet Options dialog box will appear
    3. Choose the Advanced tab and scroll down to Printing
    4. Make sure the "Print background colors and images" box is unchecked
    5. Choose OK