Each room has a maximum of four mail boxes assigned to it. Your mailbox number is a combination of your Dorm External number (248-6XXX) and the number of people in your room.

EXAMPLE: Dorm External number 248-6400, with 2 occupants. Voice mail boxes for this room would be 16400 and 26400 (occupant number + last 4 digits of the Dorm External number). Roommates determine who is occupant 1 and who is occupant 2.

To access and setup your voice mail for the FIRST time you need to:

  • Dial “69999"
  • Enter your mailbox number (example 16400)
  • Enter your security code. The FIRST time you setup your voice mail, your security code will be "0000"
  • A "setup wizard" will walk you through the rest of the setup

To access your voicemail after initial setup:

  • Dial "69999"
  • Enter your mailbox number (example 16400)
  • Enter your security code choosen during setup

Review all of the options associated with the CMU voice mail system. Once your voice mail is setup, the next time you pickup your phone AND you have a voice mail message you will hear a voice that says "YOU HAVE A MESSAGE."

Need to access your voice mail while on Christmas or Spring break from home or off campus – no problem! Just dial 660-248-6999 and enter your voice mailbox number when prompted!