Wireless Network

Wireless access is available in all residence halls and academic buildings.

All computers must be Registered to use the campus wireless network. Register your device now

The setup and use of unauthorized wireless access points is prohibited. This helps minimize interference problems between wireless networks and other devices using radio frequencies.WiFi

To connect to the CMU wireless network.

  1. Make sure your wireless connection is enabled
  2. Right Click on Wireless Connection and choose View Available Wireless Networks
  3. Highlight CMUWAP and click on Connect
  4. Enter security key eaglesr#1
  5. If you are given a security warning choose to Connect Anyway
  6. Open a web browser and try to load a page. If you have not already registered your PC on our network, you will be prompted to register it.


Faculty and Staff: A wireless connection will NOT give you access to your Z-drive or outlook, only the internet and web-mail.

If you have trouble setting up your connection, contact the CMU technology helpdesk at 660-248-6197 or stop by the Technology Services Outpost Office. Internet speed will be dependent on the number of users using the wireless connection and the proximity to the wireless access point.