Greek Life

Greek organizations have a long tradition at the University, beginning in 1923. They provide a wide variety of social activities and opportunities for their members and for the campus as a whole. Each organization also contributes to the community in and around Fayettegreeks through philanthropic and service work.

The Greek Council governs Greek life and organizations at CMU. The council is composed of two delegates from each social organization. The council is charged with the coordination and monitoring of all Greek activities, including pledging and Greek Week. The Greek Council is advised by the Office of Student Development.


Fraternities  Sororities 
Alpha Phi Gamma - local  Alpha Gamma Psi - local 
Chi Delta - local  Delta Pi Omega - local 
Phi Delta Theta (Sigma Alpha Chi) - international  Sigma Pi Alpha - local 
Tau Kappa Epsilon (Delta Sigma Psi) -national  Zeta Psi Lambda - local
Delta Beta Tau - local  


For more information about Greek Life at CMU, contact a Greek President or Joy Flanders, Greek Life Advisor, at 660-248-6279 or email