Bachelor of Arts in Music - Min. 124 Hours

Common Core: See Common Core requirements

Tier Two: Additional General Education Requirements (21-24 Hours)

Humanities or Fine Arts:

9 hours

Social Sciences (CJ, CT, EC, HI, PS, PY, or SO): See guidelines.

3 hours

Science: See guidelines

3-4 hours

Foreign Language (a single language)

6-8 hours

Music Major (40 Hours)

A.    Academic Core Requirements (26 hours)

MU107   The Theory and Practice of Music I (3)

MU108   The Theory and Practice of Music II (3)

MU117   Aural Skills I (1)

MU118   Aural Skills II (1)

MU150   Introduction to Western Music (2)

MU207   The Theory and Practice of Music III (3)

MU217   Aural Skills III (1)

MU321   Music History I (3)

MU322   Music History II (3)

MU423   American Music (2) (Capstone)

MU471   Composition I (2)  (Capstone)


One (1) from the following:

MU314   Advanced Choral Conducting (2)

MU317   Advanced Conducting—Instrumental (2)

MU335   Instrumentation (2)

MU337   Choral Arranging (2)

MU365   Form and Analysis (2)

B.     Applied (9 hours)

Applied Lessons (4)

MU129   Guitar Techniques (1)

MU131   Keyboard Techniques I (1)

MU132   Keyboard Techniques II (1)

MU214   Basic Conducting (2)

C.     Major Ensemble (4 hours): Must be enrolled in and successfully participate in a major ensemble each semester of full-time attendance

 D.    Music Electives (1 hour)

Minor and Electives (To Complete Min. 124 Hours)