Tuition and Fees - St. Louis

These figures apply to undergraduate students enrolled in the Adult Degree Program in the College of Graduate and Extended Studies in St. Louis.

Tuition rates and service fees are per credit hour.

Bachelors Degree 2015-16 2016-17
Tuition - Business, Psychology, RN-BSN $300 $300
Tuition - Child Development $210 $210
Master of Education    
Tuition $280 $280
Master of Science in Clinical Counseling    
Tuition $380 $380
Service Charge $10 $15
Foliotek fee (BSN only) $120 $120
Graduation fee $75 $75
Child Development Service Fee $10 $15


Payment Options

Payment is due before classes begin and can be paid with: cash, check, money order, or MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express through the e-cashier site. For further details on payment options please visit the e-Cashier page or contact Nathen Pulliam at 660-248-6670.