Frequently Asked Questions

What book is frequently recommended by many to help pass the CPCE and NCE?
The Encyclopedia of Counseling by Howard Rosenthal. This is important for your future.

What are some sites for me to get my liability insurance from?
(Students in Practicum or later) one million/three million aggregates/by incident is recommended.

What are the requirements for me to graduate from this program?
A student must complete all coursework and pass a comprehensive exam as required by the program in order to graduate with a Master of Science degree with a major of Clinical Counseling.

How do I register for my next courses?
Log on to myCMU and choose myCMU Tutorials on the left under Quick Links. Review the "Registering for Classes" tutorial.

What are my financial aid needs?
Please make sure to submit the following documents which can be found on the CMU Financial Assistance website:

  • Complete Master Promissory Note
  • Entrance Counseling Form
  • Release of Information
  • Student Loan Request and Student Loan Data Sheet

Masters Student may request up to $8000.00 per semester based on the student's budget and the CMU School Code is 002453. Please use the Fayette Campus as your site. Questions? Contact the Financial Aid Office.

Where can I get my books?
There are a couple of sites from which you may choose to order your books.

REMINDER: If you choose to utilize some place like Amazon, or other online retailers, be aware that they may not carry the bundles you need. Also, watch for the words "recommended" in your book list. This does not mean required. All required books will say "required" on the MBS site.

What if I can't afford my books?

As a Master Student you are expected to get your books prior to the beginning of your coursework. Furthermore, for those who take out loans; it is recommended that you hold some funds ($600.00 at least) out for your next semester's books in order to assure your success. Please do not borrow books.

Finally, please remember that you, as current and upcoming professionals, should be practicing unconditional positive regard" in and out of the classroom both with each other and those you come into contact with daily.

What should I expect with regards to the testing site?

Please remember that the test begins promptly at 9:00 a.m. and that the doors of the facility will be open by 8:00 a.m. Students should bring two forms of identification. No items are allowed into the testing area (this means no food or water as well as papers) and cell phones should be off. Please leave all your personal items in a safe place.

Are there sites that are important to me as an upcoming professional?

Where can I access a computer?
Check for lab hours at your location and remember we are guests in the computer lab. Please, no food or drinks and lab hours are strictly enforced.

How do we know when we are closed due to bad weather?
Sign on to the MAC Alert system. If MAC "EVENING" classes/or the host campus where you are at is closed then CMU does not hold classes. CMU will also post closings on the weather page.

How do I get into the CMU Library?
Keep your ID and Password at the ready and visit the library website. You are responsible for your academic integrity and you will need to legitimize your work. Professional and peer reviewed Journals found in the CMU library can enhance your scholarly work. Your papers should look professional and utilize professional sources. "NO Wikipedia"! This is a fluid source. Furthermore, websites are not always adequate.