Graduate Studies

GraduatesCentral Methodist University offers four Masters programs through the College of Graduate and Extended Studies.

Master of Education

The Master of Education program is primarily designed for the growth and advancement of educational professionals who desire to a) complete an accredited master's degree; b) complete requirement to advance through the tiered levels of teacher classifications; and/or c) complete specific required coursework to obtain additional content area endorsements or certifications from Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

This program is available in Columbia, Fayette, Park Hills, Poplar Bluff, St. Louis, Sedalia, Trenton, and Union.

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Master of Music Education

The Master of Music Education program is structured to meet the needs of practicing music educators who want to pursue an advanced degree while staying in their current teaching positions. Through the MME program, students have the opportunity to learn advanced educational techniques, to develop musical maturity, and to investigate current issues in music education. The skills and knowledge developed in the program will have an immediate impact on the school music classrooms of the graduate students.

This program is available in Fayette.

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Master Science in Clinical Counseling

The Master of Science in Clinical Counseling program is designed to prepare practitioners to function as professional counselors who meet the State of Missouri's requirements as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Graduates will be employable in clinical counseling arenas such as correctional centers and psychiatric institutions, or in private practice. They may be eligible to obtain a license in Missouri as a professional counselor, pending satisfactory completion of requirements.

This program is available in Columbia, St. Louis, Park Hills and Sedalia.

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Master of Science in Nursing

The Master of Science in Nursing provides opportunities for qualified students to acquire the knowledge necessary to enhance professional leadership and management skills while nurturing a research-oriented, mentor and evidence-based practice nursing environment. The primary focus is to provide advanced practice clinical skills and knowledge fostering ethical leadership and social responsibility. CMU offers two MSN programs: Clinical Nurse Leader and Nurse Educator.

This program is available Online.

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