Campus Network

Central Methodist University offers high-quality networking services. Networking services include internet, file storage, wireless and cabled video. Unauthorized network infrastructure electronics may not be connected to the campus network, including hubs, switches, wireless access points, routers, and bridges.

Additionally, communication services must be monitored to ensure the entire campus community receives acceptable service. As such, on-campus University offices must obtain all networking services through the Office of Technology Services, including requests for new service and repairs.

Finally, as a member of the Missouri Research and Education Network (MOREnet), CMU follows all MOREnet policies.


Important Network Information:

  • File Storage = Z-drive

    All CMU employees are provided with 1GB of file storage on the network. The file storage area is known as your "Z Drive" and can be found by looking in MY COMPUTER.
    Your "Z Drive" is accessible from any University owned computer and serves as a great location to save files. We also strongly encourage employees to save files to an alternative location such as USB thumb drive/Flash drive.
    In order to conserve disk space, employees are not allowed to save certain file types to the "Z drive, " these file types include but are not limited to .mp3, .avi, .mov, .zip, .wav, .wma, .jpeg, and .bmp.

  • Internet - All employees are provided with high-speed, internet access. University computers should be pre-configured to connect to the CMU network.
    • All employee internet bandwidth is managed to ensure an acceptable quality of service.
    • Employees are welcome to bring their personal computer to campus.  However, the Office of Technology Services recommends all off-campus computers be checked to ensure they meet campus requirements.
  • Wireless Services - information about campus WiFi access and how users should connect their devices to the campus network.


NOTE: Central Methodist University reserves the right to monitor any computing device/user on CMU's network that is impacting normal operations or is suspected of policy violations. Technology Services also reserves the right to monitor any computing device during the course of diagnosing network/system problems.