University to Career Roadmap

Some begin college certain of their career path. Many others take a more indirect route. If you're in that group, don't worry; your first year or so of college is a great chance to explore the many opportunities available through Central Methodist University.

Freshman Year

Keep in mind that you do not need to make a career choice by the end of your freshman year. Use this time to learn about yourself and the campus.


  • Academic majors
  • Your interests
  • Skills you have
  • Skills you'd like to develop
  • Resources at the Career Development Center

Get Settled

  • Adjust to college life
  • Participate in extra-curricular activities both social and professional
  • Become familiar with CMU support services such as; the Learning and Teaching Center, Counseling Services, Student Health Clinic, etc.
  • Obtain on/off-campus part time employment by being active in Handshake


  • Establish a strong GPA
  • Attend the new student mix and mingle event
  • Investigate O-Net and Focus 2
  • Utilize Handshake

Sophomore Year

Now is the time to 'try on' different careers. Explore options, and interests; develop skills and talk with professionals.

Continue to

  • Explore different careers using the Career Resource Library & electronic resources
  • Involve yourself in student & professional organizations
  • Enroll in courses to further explore possible majors and careers
  • Review internship postings on Handshake
  • Maintain a strong GPA

Participate in

  • Career workshops
  • Informational interviewing
  • Resume writing assistance at the Center
  • A job shadow with a professional in a career of interest
  • An internship search
  • CMU Career EXPO to begin networking


  • A Major
  • A Faculty Mentor
  • A Summer Internship
  • An Alumni Mentor

Junior Year

Don't worry if you decide to change direction during different stages of your journey or revisit previous steps.


  • Career workshops and upcoming events
  • Workshops on graduate school and graduate exam practice tests, if applicable
  • Informational Sessions
  • CMU Career EXPO, searching for a summer internship
  • Take advantage of Handshake

Continue to

  • Relate chosen major to specific career fields
  • Conduct informational interviews and mock interviews to hone your skills
  • Network with professionals and alumni through LinkedIn and Career EXPOs
  • Take on leadership roles in campus organizations
  • Choose elective courses to enhance and strengthen your qualifications
  • Investigate graduate school programs, if applicable
  • Utilize the Career Development Center's online resources and resource library
  • Participate in internships and experiential learning opportunities
  • Maintain a strong GPA

Expand by

  • Scheduling a Mock Interview
  • Researching jobs and organizations matching your interests
  • Joining professional organizations related to your career interests

Senior Year

Remember that life is a journey. Use the career development skills you have learned as you continue on your lifelong career path. The services of the Career Development Center are always available to CMU Alumni.


  • Your wardrobe to include interview-appropriate attire, for ideas check our Pinterest Boards.
  • Your resume, cover letter and reference page and upload materials to Handshake
  • Your job search plan by making an appointment with Nicolette Yevich in the Career Development Center


  • The Senior Fair
  • The 'Power Lunch' Series of career workshops
  • The Etiquette Dinner
  • On-campus interviews and Career Fairs (CMU Career EXPO and fairs at other institutions)


  • Your job search by using your network, targeting prospective employers, and utilizing career resources
  • The application process if pursuing graduate or professional schools


  • Participate in campus activities and professional organizations
  • Take time every week to work on job/graduate school search, very important!!!
  • Check with the Registrar to make sure you meet graduation requirements
  • Complete the First Destination Survey before leaving campus in May!