History Resources

What to do with this major...

Job Titles

Archeologist Foreign Correspondent Media Consultant
Architectural Historian Foreign Exchange Program Director Museum Technician/Specialist
Archives Manager Foreign Service Specialist/Officer National Security Agent
Archivist Genealogist Park Ranger
Art Historian Historian Peace Corps Volunteer
Biographer Historic Inn Operator Policy Evaluator
Character Interpreter Historic Preservation Specialist Political Scientist
Collections Manager Historic Site Tour Guide/Manager Politician
Columnist/Journalist Historical Background Analyst Preservation Specialist
Corporate Historian Historical Society Staff Member Professor
Costumer Intelligence Researcher/Specialist Public Opinion Pollster
Curator (of museum) International Relations Specialist Public Relations Specialist
Curator (of structures) Journalist Publishing Specialist
Customs Port Investigator Lawyer Research Associate
Demographer Lecturer Sociologist
Dig Site Assistant Legislative Aide Teacher
Exhibit Preparer Librarian/Library Technician Writer/Author

Personal Characteristics to be Successful

Analytical Energetic Self-disciplined
Communicative Ethical Task oriented
Computer literate Loyal Tenacious
Dependable Patient Understanding
Efficient Resourceful

Workplace Skills

Adapt ideas
Compile and record data
Conduct research
Display artifacts/presentations
Decision making
Evaluate information
Excellent communication skills
Excellent verbal skills
Explain and interpret the past
Form and explain ideas

Organize data and information
Prepare publication materials
Preserve historical documents
Rehabilitate and renovate
Summarize ideas
Work independently or in groups

Job Postings


History Career: Offers history-related job links, general career listings and links related to historian and museum jobs.


History Matters: This site serves as a gateway to web resources and offers useful materials for teaching U.S. history.

K-12jobs.com: Current K-12 job positions available at public, private, vocational and technical schools throughout the U.S.

Missouri Teacher Certificate: Information on the requirements needed to receive certification to teach in the state of Missouri.

Cultural Field

Museumjobs.com: Postings for jobs in museums, libraries, archives and galleries.


(Historical Organizations, Historic Preservation, Think Tanks)
Think Tanks and Research Institutes: A searchable directory of the conservative movement and organizations.


(Writers and Editors, Journalists, Documentary Editors, etc.)

Journalismjobs.com: This site offers hundreds of job postings, salary info, and lots of helpful career and industry links.

Information Management

(Archivists, Records Managers, Librarians)

American Library Association: Job openings and career resource materials with multiple internet sites and job boards listed.


(Law, Litigation Support, Foundations)

The Legal Employment Search Site: A very comprehensive site with links to all the major legal job sites, career centers at various law schools, general employment listings, and other resources for legal job seekers.

Career Resources

American Historical Association: Careers in History: A job posting site managed by the American Historical Association.

World Wide Learn: Guide to College Majors in History: Helpful information about how to make the most of a history degree; things like the direction the field is heading, skills needed to succeed, descriptions of possible jobs, etc.

Graduate Programs

St. Louis University

University of Kansas

University of Missouri - Columbia

University of Missouri - Kansas City

University of Missouri - St. Louis

University of Iowa

University of Arkansas

University of Illinois, Urbana - Champaign