Mathematics Resources

What to do with this major...

Job Titles

Accounts Payable Team Leader Business Broker Land Surveyor
Actuary Cartographer Market Research Analyst
Air Quality Investigator Cell Researcher Chemist Mathematician
Appraiser Certified Public Accountant Operations Management
Astronomer Chief Financial Officer Operations Research Analysis
Audit Coordinator City Management Analyst Physicist
Avionics Technician Computer Programmer Political Scientist
Bank Examiner Consumer Credit Counselor Project Estimator
Bank Officer Credit Manager Radar Technician
Behavior Researcher Demographer Statistician
Biomedical Equipment Technician Educator Structural Engineer
Bookkeeper Financial Consultant/Supervisor Surveyor
Brain Researcher Financial Planner Systems Analyst

Personal Characteristics to be Successful

Accurate Intelligent Precise
Analytical Imaginative Realistic
Detail-oriented Observant Self-disciplined
Ethical Patient Thorough
Industrious Persistent

Workplace Skills

Able to frame inquiry and respond objectively
Concentrate for long periods of time
Conduct and clearly explain scientific research

Make sound judgments and decisions
Proficient with scientific calculator
Proficient in writing, speaking, and memorization

Job Postings

Employment opportunities in Mathematical Sciences: Job openings are listed by state with detailed descriptions and contact information to employers.

Career Resources

What can you do with a math degree? Information about different career paths such as statistics, computer science, research, etc.

Careers in Mathematics: University of Michigan Mathematics department has information about what you can do with a math major, how math is used in industry, how to find a math job, and other information about math careers.

Major Resource Kit: Mathematics: Lots of extra information about what you can do with a math major, types of companies that employ math majors, links to other websites, and University of Delaware Career Services information to help find jobs.

American Mathematical Society: Provides helpful links to possible math related careers. These links lead to pages that list career possibilities. There are also further links that give descriptions of the careers listed.

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics: Whether you are a student considering a career in mathematics, or an established mathematician, you will find the job-search and career information resources in this section invaluable.

Mathematical Association of America: Helpful site that provides aid and information to those researching and entering the field of mathematics.


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Graduate Schools

University of Central Missouri

Missouri State University

University of Missouri - Kansas City

University of Missouri - St. Louis

University of Missouri - Columbia

Missouri University of Science and Technology