Philosophy Resources

What to do with this major...

Job Titles

Clergy Professor Publishing
Guidance Counselor Psychiatrist Teacher
Journalism Psychologist Theologian
Lawyer Public Policy Maker Think Tank Consultant

Personal Characteristics to be Successful

Alert Ethical Questioning
Compassionate Firm Responsible
Creative Imaginative Self-disciplined
Critical Inquisitive Sympathetic
Curious Investigative Tactful
Dedicated Open-minded Understanding

Workplace Skills

Apply theory
Come to terms with the problems of existence and ultimate values
Challenge assumptions
Communicate in logical manner
Desire to search for the purpose and understanding of life
Communicate in a logical manner
Examine own beliefs in relationship to cosmos
Experiment with ideas
Knowledge of the interrelationship of economics, history, psychology, and education
Make tough decisions
Maintain good judgment
Conceive, develop, generate ideas
Deal with the vague and unknown

Debate capabilities
Deductive reasoning
Diagnose patients' problems
Examine own beliefs
Perform ambiguous tasks
Possess analytical and problem solving skills
Possess oratory skills
Recognize the unique and different
Resolve conflict
Synthesize perceptions
Understand relationship of beliefs and values

Job Postings

Idealist Org: A non-profit organization provided to find career paths that suit your education background.

The United Methodist General Board of Higher Education and Ministry: Comprehensive information for jobs to education opportunities.

Career Resources

American Philosophical Association: National Association that maintains a job search database allowing access to members only.

Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy

American Society for Bioethics and Humanities

Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy

What do philosophy majors do? This site provides information about options with a philosophy major.

American Academy of Religion

Association for the Sociology of Religion

Religious Education Association

Why Study Religion: This site provides information on all aspects of religion; its history, how it has advanced in today's society, and where it is today.

Graduate Fellowships & Scholarships

The Fund for Theological Education

Philosophy Majors

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Religion Majors

University of Alabama

Pennsylvania State University

Saint Paul School of Theology

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

Louisville Seminary