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What to do with this major...

Job Titles

Administrative Affairs (Foreign Affairs) Federal Government Management Peace Corps/Vista Worker
Anchorperson Fund Raiser Political Affairs (Foreign Service)
Broadcasting Journalist Government Affairs Specialist Political Consultant
Campaign Chairperson/Worker Historic Preservationist Political Party Chairperson
Central Intelligence Agency Intelligence Specialist Politician
Chamber of Commerce Journalist Public Opinion Researcher
City or Town Management Labor Relations Specialist Public Policy Maker
Consumer Advocate Lawyer Public Relations
Consular Services Legal Assistant Regional Planner
Diplomat Lobbyist Researcher
Economic Affairs (Foreign Service) Military Officer Social Service Administrator
Elected Official Non-Profit Management State Government Management
Federal Bureau of Investigation Paralegal Teacher/Professor

Personal Characteristics to be Successful

Ambitious Objective Discrete
Articulate Organized Patient
Charismatic Outgoing Poised
Competitive Creative Responsible
Energetic Cultured Risk taker
Flexible Dedicated Tactful

Workplace Skills

Conduct and explain social science research
Conduct seminars
Critical thinker
Evaluate problems and make appropriate decisions
Exhibit oral and written communication skills
Exhibit persuasive skills
Exude personality
Knowledgeable of many subject areas and diverse matters
Organize and interpret social, economic, and political data

Possess excellent communication and social skills
Possess human relation skills
Possess leadership qualities
Provide conflict management
Relate to people from varying backgrounds
Speak to groups

Job Postings

Careers and Placements: The American Political Science Association has identified the following list of options available to students with a political science degree.

Chronicle of Higher Education: Opportunity to view many higher education positions in the field of political science. Prior week's issues and articles may also be viewed for free.

Fed World: Conduct a federal government career search according to jobs by state, Atlantic jobs, Pacific jobs, or browse the best jobs of the 21st century.

Missouri Office of Administration: State of Missouri Job Vacancies and Categories with Frequent Hiring's that are up to date.

Public Affairs and Government Relations Jobs: Limited positions posted for the United States and abroad. Newsletter and news articles also featured.

Career Resources

Wilfrid Laurier University: Potential Careers, specific knowledge skills, valuable transferable skills, and much more has been provided for you by this university.

Careers in Government: A clearinghouse of information, resources and job vacancies in public sector organizations in the US and abroad.

Opportunities with the U.S. Federal Government: A listing of internet sites with job postings and job leads in the government and military.

Ultimate Political Science Links: Information about career options in government, teaching, non-profits, and corporations.

LawJobs.com: Career information, grad school resources, and job vacancies

The Legal Employment Search Site: A very comprehensive site with links to all the major legal job sites, career centers at various law schools, general employment listings, and other resources for legal job seekers.

Graduate Schools

Baylor University

Iowa State University

University of Kansas

Kansas State University

University of Missouri - Columbia

Oklahoma City University

Oklahoma State University

University of Texas at Arlington

Texas A&M University

Texas Tech University

University of Missouri Saint Louis

Washington University

St. Louis University

Law Graduate Schools

Baylor University

Colorado University

University of Kansas

Kansas State University

University of Missouri - Columbia

University of Nebraska

Oklahoma City University

Texas A&M University

Texas Tech University

Law Schools

St. Louis University

Washington University of St. Louis

University of Missouri Kansas City

Drake University

Washburn University

Thomas Cooley

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

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