Student at Career Expo

Career Resources

Searching for a job using outside resources can be overwhelming, and not all resources are of equal value. Let the Career Development Center help you find the best information to suit your individual needs.

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Work study students

Work Study

Career-related on-the-job training doesn’t need to wait until after graduation. Many students develop an impressive resume’ featuring practical experience gained through the CMU Work-Study program. This program is what it says: getting paid while learning in a department or office at CMU.

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Student on the job

University to Career

Whether you're on or off-campus student, each stage of the college journey is different. Your freshman experience is much different from your junior year - no two students follow the exact same path, but there are many things in common.

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Internship panel


Internships take learning beyond the classroom and into professional work environments. You can earn academic credit through supervised work experiences related to your career interests.

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Working on resumes

Resume & Cover Letters

The job search process is rapidly evolving, but a resume’ and cover letter remain standard. Career Development can help yours rise above the rest.

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A CMU graduate student

Graduate School

Not everyone needs to attend graduate school to fulfill career goals. But if you decide it is in your plans, be confident that CMU will have you well prepared.

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International students

International Students

The CMU experience is greatly enriched by students from many nations and cultures. Our staff are dedicated to supporting international students in their journey to, and through, CMU.

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