Computer Service

Have a problem with your personal computer that you can't resolve? Bring it to the Office of Technology Services Outpost for affordable service.

The following represents the computer service fee structure:

PC Tune-Up $35.00

Includes virus scan, spyware scan and removal, system defrag, ensuring your system has the latest operating system patches from Microsoft, and successful registration of your system on the University network if you are an employee or current student with a valid account.

Other Services:

The Office of Technology Services can perform other computer services upon request at the following rates:

Installation of hardware/software - $35.00
(network card, memory, hard drive, video card, etc.)

Payment is due at the time the computer is picked up. Computers left over three days after an employee is notified that service is complete will incur a $5 per day handling charge unless other arrangements are made ahead of time.