Technology Help Request

Please tell us your problem and we will respond as soon as we can. You may also contact the helpdesk by emailing

Please keep the description of the problem short, but specific. If you are having issues with accessing your email or myCMU please stop by our office on the first floor of Cupples Hall or call our office 24/7 at 660-248-6197 - we DO NOT give passwords out over e-mail.

If you are having issues with a personal device, learn more about Computer Service options.

PLEASE NOTE: If you need assistance during non-business hours, we offer limited phone support for:

  • Eagle or myCMU password issues
  • Questions regarding an online course that you are enrolled in (i.e. posting to a discussion forum, problems with a test, uploading your photo, etc.). Non-business hour support will not be able to assist you with grade, billing, transcript, financial aid/awards, validation, housing, or registration questions.

You may contact the helpdesk 24/7 by calling 660-248-6197.

Course Information
If your question or issue is related to one of your courses, please provide the following information: